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NDIS Assist-Travel / Transport Tasmania, Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia

As your disability service provider, we will take care of all your travel needs and ensure a safe and comfortable commute. The participant makes a choice if they want to travel in a private vehicle or to be assisted to catch public transport depending on the funding and choice of activity. With our support, you will step out safely and maintain the desired level of interaction with the world around you.

NDIS Assist-Travel / Transport Hobart
Our assistance with travel and transportation service covers commutes to:
  • School / Education facility
  • Place of work
  • Medical appointments, including visiting a pharmacy, hospital, etc.
  • Your weekend trips and getaways
  • Community centres, shopping complexes, libraries, sports complexes, etc.

Unlocking Freedom: NDIS Assist-Travel/Transport

In the pursuit of independence and community engagement, efficient travel and transport assistance play a pivotal role. At Perigon Care and Support Solutions, we understand the significance of accessible transportation services and the profound impact they have on individuals with disabilities. Our comprehensive range of NDIS services is tailored to address the unique travel and transport needs of participants, empowering them to navigate the world with confidence.

Comprehensive NDIS Assist-Travel / Transport Services: Our travel and transport assistance services encompass a wide spectrum of support. We ensure that participants have access to public transport options, making it easier for them to reach their desired destinations. Whether it’s a medical appointment, community participation, or simply a social outing, we’re here to assist with your travel arrangements and ensure you reach your destination safely and comfortably.

Dedicated Support Workers: Our team of experienced support workers is committed to providing personalised assistance. They understand the specific requirements of each participant and offer the necessary support, whether it’s help with boarding public transportation, travel time management, or navigating travel costs. We aim to make your travel experience as seamless as possible.

NDIS Funding for Travel: We are well-versed in navigating the complexities of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and can help participants with their funding allocations for travel and transport services. We work closely with participants and carers to ensure that their NDIS plans include adequate funding to cover transportation costs, be it for medical treatments or community engagement.

NDIS Assist-Travel / Transport Hobart

About Our NDIS Assist-Travel / Transport Services

Empowering NDIS Participants Through Accessible Travel

At Perigon Care and Support Solutions, we understand the importance of accessible travel for NDIS participants. That’s why we specialise in providing expert NDIS Assist-Travel / Transport services in Tasmania, Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Our dedicated team is here to offer safe and convenient travel solutions.

Comprehensive Travel Support

Our commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities extends to providing comprehensive travel support. We understand that every participant’s travel needs are unique, and we are dedicated to addressing them with a holistic approach. Our services cover a wide range of travel and transport aspects, including assistance with public transport, travel time management, cost-effective transport arrangements, and personalised support during medical appointments or community participation.

Why Choose Our NDIS Assist-Travel / Transport Services

Experience the Perigon Care and Support Solutions Difference

When you choose Perigon Care and Support Solutions for your NDIS Assist-Travel / Transport needs, you benefit from:

  • Expertise: Our team is highly skilled in facilitating safe and accessible travel for NDIS participants.
  • Personalised Plans: We create individualised travel plans that cater to specific needs, ensuring a smooth journey.
  • Efficient NDIS Plan Management: Maximise your funding with our expert NDIS plan management services.
  • Local Accessibility: As an NDIS provider, we ensure prompt support and easy access to our services.

Empower Your Travel Journey with Perigon Care and Support Solutions

If you or a loved one is seeking expert NDIS Assist-Travel / Transport services in Australia, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our compassionate team is here to answer your questions, discuss your travel needs, and ensure your journey is safe and enjoyable.

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